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LED Lighting

Led lighting is a growing industry in our homes and in commercial properties as we try to become more energy efficent with the cost of electricity rising. Most of the new work we carry out now will have led lighting installed.

We have carried out a lot of work for our customers converting exisiting lighting systems in properties to new led lighting systems which we designed and have saved them money in doing so.

For Example

In a kitchen/dining area with 15 x 50w halogen lamps installed, used an average of 5 hours a day, at a unit cost of 0.13 pence the running cost of this example, based on a 1 month calculation, is £13.65 per month in electric.

If Led lamps were fitted the equivalent lamp would be a 6w led, so based on the same example as above the running cost would be £1.64 per month

If leds are something you wish to consider we can work out the savings that you would achieve.

There is now a massive variety of led lamps avaliable on the market to replace most lamps in the home.

Leds come in different colour varieties, the most common used in the household being warm white.
Cool white is commonly used in commercial properties and retail as this is very bright and a good working light for these premises.

Domestic LED Lighting

We fit many different leds in the home from
Led retro fit lamps
Led strip
Led colour changing strip
Led outside lighting
Domestic LED Lighting
Commercial LED Lighting

Commercial LED Lighting

Led flood lighting
Led high bay fittings
Led flouresent Retro fit lamps